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Our band flies both Allied and Hun, 'cuz we're just out to have some fun!



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LOOK WHAT I FOUND - Holy cow!!! I just picked up an SSD for my main system and while cleaning up my existing hard drive I found account info to log into this site. I still can't believe it's still up. Uhg. Look at all of the ads on this site. Who in their right mind would use this host?!?! I guess th guy who also tried to fix this site, which was me. You can only blame me for a portion of this mess one might call a web site. I had grander plans but I lacked the time or skill to pull it off. Most people now-a-days would use a content management system. Maybe if I ever get involved with another online squad, I'll take that route. For now, this site is a headstone for a once mediocre squad. I say that because we didn't participate in any wars and we rarely flew together. This team was just put together for the fun of it, and I really had fun playing this game, even though I wasn't much good at it.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Red Baron is dead. I know of one WWI sim, which is waaay too expensive for what you get. There are also some WWI mods out there. I'd love to get back into combat sims but since my Thrustmaster stick, throttle, and rudders don't work in Windows 7, I'd have to spend 100's of dollars on new equipment, something I'm just not ready to do.

So, if you were once part of this team and just happened to drop by, I hope things are going well with you.

DRS_Falco (AKA: J9_Scorpion) out!

FLYING IN THE ASTRIAL AIRPLANE - It was coming up on 4 years since I had updated this page and I thought I had better do something before Tripod took their hardrive space back. Well, I'm still involved in Red Baron, but as the web guy for the Jasta 9, although I have been slacking on that job. They are a great bunch of guys and I love working for em. Their new page is far from complete but I work on it from time to time when I'm not busy. The current one can be found at

If you are looking to join a fun loving squad, fly on over.</>

HEY, NICE THREADS - I know this squad is still grounded, but I worked pretty hard on these paints so I want someone to at least see them. Right now you'll have to deal with this resolution, but I'll add a feature soon so you can click on each image for a closer look.

ARE THE DEAD ROCK STARS TRULY DEAD? - That's a good question. With the founding members becoming busy with life in general as well as other things, this pet project has been put into stasis.
The new web site, that I have been promising for a year now, still exists, but has turned into a formatting nightmare since I've attempted to target it for older web browsers. It's probably time I ask for assistance from someone who web design for a living. The Albatros D3 Red Baron paints, I'm happy to say, have been completed. For those interested, I will add the link to the Work In Progress page ASAP. The Fokker E3 Bomber paints will be my next project, which are already in the works.
As for what the future holds for the Dead Rock Stars, who knows. It would be nice to see this squad congeal into a well formed group, although the Dead Rock Star concept might be a little too foreign for this gaming type. I'd also like to see this team span simulator games. I don't think it's out of the question to see Dead Rock Stars flying in WWI, WWII, and even Modern Jet and Helicopter sims, since the Dead Rock Star name doesn't box one into a certain sim genera. I'd still like to keep in touch with those members that still like to fly as DRS once and a while, as well as those who don't but are still are fun to talk to.
So, to sum this all up, we aren't disbanded, just on hiatus, working on our next #1 hit.

Rock on,
I WANT TO BE SUDATED…PERMANATLY - One of punk rocks most influential bands, "The Ramones" lost their front man, "Joey Ramone" to cancer this Easter weekend. Although Joey had been fighting this deadly disease for the past seven years, the effects of the battle had actually complemented his gangly appearance. During the recent funeral service, a visible distraught Debbie Harry (“Blondie”) spoke fondly of the Ramone, saying, “I thought I could hold it all in but when I heard there wasn’t going to be a buffet, I lost it.” Joey Ramone was born Jeffrey Hyman May, 15th 1951 as the result of a drunken sexual liaison between talk shock jock Howard Stern and Addam’s Family member Counsin It. Joey would have been 50...on his birthday, but since he died, he was only 49.9410112359550561797752808988764, to be exact.

THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME BUT THE MIDI CHANGES - I've just incorperated a little bit of simple Javascript to allow a random choice of midi's to be played on our main page.
OF A GRAPHIC NATURE - I've added a new section called &quotWork In Progress", which will display some of the artwork that is being done for the squad's new web page and plane paints. If you're trying to watch your weight, don't worry....eye candy isn't fattening.
HUNKA HUNKA BURNIN' B-DAY CAKE - Whether you like the younger, hip swinger or the older, belly jiggler, you'll want to draw up your lip and belt out a warm Happy Birthday to Elvis Aron Presley, who would have been 66 today. Not only was he an accomplished singer, but he also did a stint as an actor, staring in 32 movies, 10 TV appearances, and 1 military role. Although Elvis is sighted more often then the combined totals of Big Foot, Nessie, and Virgin Mary stain images, the only place you can be assured of seeing Elvis is in the ranks of the DRS
HAPPY NEW YEAR - Pop the cork, kiss that special someone, and meet me by the pod bay door. 2001 is here!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
JINGLE BELLS & PARTY HORNS - With the holidays taking us all away from our rock star duties, I thought I would break up the silence with a message, just like this one. After the new year, you can expect to see more things happening with this group. For now, grab that cup of eggnog or pop that bottle of champagne, and celebrate!
WALRUS HUNTING - Ok, Paul was the walrus, but John is the dead Beatle. 20 years ago, a crazed fan put five shots into John Lennon killing Yoko Ono's career. John, the most outspoken of the Fab Four, was constantly trying to get out of the shadow of his more famous fellow band mate, Ringo Star. Before his death, outside his New York apartment, John spent a great deal of time working on new songs that would one day be used in a Beatle's Anthology, making his widow and the remaining Beatles even more wealthy. John's legacy lives on in TV ads and Michael Jackson cover version. Most of John's fans say the bullet was meant for Yoko, for her involvement in the Beatle breakup. Julian Lennon, the son abandoned of John, has a different angle on the murder, "No, that's not who I paid him to shoot". John would have been 60 years old, making his famous "granny glasses" no longer a fashion statement, but a requirement..
BRAVENET SERVICE - Due to a move in Bravenet hardware, our public forum might experience slow page loads (and other gremlins) from Dec 10 thru to the 16th.
FEELING A LITTLE RANDY? - 44 years ago, metal guitar legend, Randy Rhodes, made his world debut. He survived working with a head biter (Ozzy) and a big head (Kevin DuBrow), but when he tried to catch a bus, he got the big transfer to rock and roll immortality. Of course, we all know his legacy doesn't end there because he now flies low for the DRS. If you don't want a little off the top, I'd suggest keeping your head down and taking a cab.
WE'VE GOT HIM, BABE - After Cher's sidekick....kicked from too much tree hugging, Sonny Bono has decided that the beat should go on. That's why he's picked up the mic and joined the DRS. He was quoted to say, "If he can handle the senate B.S. and my ex-wife's singing, I can handle anything". Let's all offer DRS_Sonny Bono a welcome handshake. Watch out! He's got BARK and BITE.
LET JIMI TAKE OVER - 30 years ago, legendary rock musician Jimi Hendrix, died. Today would have been his 58th birthday. Friends who remembered him were quoted as saying, "We miss him very much but we are glad he lives again in the Dead Rock Star group".
ONE MORE FOR LIST - After being knocked from his sailboat and falling into 52-degree water, Scott Smith, bass guitarist for 80's pop band, Loverboy, has not been located. The Coast Guard combed the waters for two days, but not a single skinny tie or headband could be found. Grab his name while it's hot.
NEW SPIRIT - The band gets one more lead singer with our newest addition, Bon Scott. As we all know, Bon rocked with AC\DC for many years before taking one too many shots and traveled down the Highway to Hell. Now he's our "problem child".
NAME CHANGE - Our resident Ausie, Roy Orbison, decided on a name change to reflect his origins. His new name is J. O'Keefe ( Short for Johnny O'Keefe), a rock star popular down under who died from a broken heart and a pickled liver.
IT LIVES - The non-squad is now a squad. We are currently in our infancy, and there is still alot of work to accomplish. In the next few weeks, you will see a big change with this web site. We also have to establish a direction for the group. At this point, we have an idea of what we would like...
  1. To have fun.
  2. To be part of a team but also retain your individualism
  3. To be actively involved in the direction of the group
  4. To keep it simple
  5. To make squad decisions on the majorities desire.
  6. To partake in events that are fun, but as realistic as possible

You get all of this plus we don't require you to quit your existing squad.
If you are interested in joining up, just click on our email link and send us your request.

DRS_Falco - The bands producer